This is Sparta. Inter, it was a tragedy, comment the Italian media

Sparta listens to praise, Inter’s harsh criticism.

“Another disaster, Inter is acting in Europe as a charity. Inter committed harakiri. “Gazzetta helped with the slogan of the war movie:” This is Sparta, Inter, it’s a tragedy. ”

Italian reporters mention that Interu did not benefit from changes in the report. That the team presents itself entirely differently in Series A and in European Cups.

“It was obvious they just did not have the same approach. Fourteen days ago they lost to Beer Sheva and then defeated Juventus. Now they have succumbed to Prague and on Sunday they are waiting for a match in Rome.Coach De Boer has no hope that it will have sportsbook bonus the same effect, “writes Gazzetta dello Sport.

” Playing in the cups and the league is the difference. Even in Europe we must play with enthusiasm as if it were a derby with Milan. When we improved in Prague in the second half, it was no longer two. We have to go ahead and start it on Sunday in Rome, “Brazilian midfielder Felipe Melo responded.

Corriere dello Sport, whose articles on the Internet game adorns the collage of the film, , that Inter, in addition to two defeats in the Euroleague Euroleague in the spring of 2015 against Wolfsburg, has succumbed in the European Cups four times in a row.And it has not happened since 1961.

“Why does Inter not play against foreign rivals?” The diary asks.

Excludes that Inter could underestimate Sparta as unknown two weeks ago Beer Seve.

“Sparta is a club of a different category. Just remember how to consult with Lazio in the eighth finals of the European League. But it is still in the power of Inter to beat such an opponent. In addition, Sparta spent a stormy week, suffered a humiliating defeat in the derby with Slavi and changed the coach. But after a few minutes it was clear that Inter would not be easy in Prague. ”

If Inter did not play with some important players, Sparta’s victory did not reduce it.Sparta was missing six players (Zahustel, Costa, Vácha, Mareček, Rosický, Šural) who would have aspired to the place in the basic set. And when they were injured by Frýdek and Michal Kadlec.

“When I did not build Icardi and Perišić from the beginning, it certainly does not mean that we are giving the European League at the second college that it is of secondary importance to us” said coach Frank bookmakers comparison de Boer.

It is not unusual for Italian teams to underestimate the European League. The media, however, point out that it should not have happened in the case of Inter. “The result from Prague will definitely not enjoy the new majority owner of the club, the Chinese company Suning. The cups show the image of Inter in Europe and the world. ”

” We played poorly, Sparta won. Why did that happen?I do not know, I do not have an explanation, “Captain Rodrigo Palacio shaken his head. Inter did not catch the startling spartans, the first goal was scored six minutes later, another twenty minutes later, when the Spartans caught their opponents with a fast-paced straight kick.

“Interu players expected the judges to interrupt the game. It was embarrassing, “wrote Gazzetta dello Sport. “During the match it looked like the Spartans are twice as big on the pitch.”